• Shellac

  • Shellac is a natural gum resin, a natures gift to the mankind and is used in over 100 industries. It is natural, non toxic & edible resin.


    Grades of Shellac

    • Hand Made
    • Machine Made
    • Heat Process
    • Solvent Process


    Due to versatility of lac resin, it finds innumerable uses both in industries fields. On the stand point of industrial uses of shellac one or more of the following properties are of great importance:

    • Shellac dissolves in a wide variety of alkaline or rapidly drying alcoholic solvents but is resistant to a number of other solvents particularly hydrocarbons.
    • Its film shows excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, possessing high gloss, hardness and strength.
    • Shellac is powerful bonding material with low thermal conductivity and a small coefficient of expansion. Its thermal plasticity and capacity of absorbing large amounts of filters are noteworthy.
    • Its electrical properties include high dielectric strength, low dielectric constant and characteristic freedom from tracking.
    • It is resistant to the action of ultraviolet rays.
    • Shellac is non-toxic.





    SHELLAC TN Machine made.



    13 – 14 (Golden Yellowish)



    1% To 1.5% Max.

    Wax content


    3.80- 4.25%.



    45 – 50 MM



    1.5% Max.



    34 – 35 Minutes.




    Condition of goods


    Godown Fresh, Dry, thin and fully flaky condition