• Knowledge of competent and reliable sources
  • Raw Material / Product Sourcing
  • Vendor-Sourcing / Assessment / Enquiry
  • Price Negotiation
  • Price Competitiveness
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • Shipment Status
  • Factory / Facitlity Vist/Audits
  • Developing a strong Buyer - Seller relationship

A 24 year presence in the field of sourcing different products from around the world. In between that path is where our company made its mark, searching, monitoring, broadening its knowledge base, innovating and providing its customers complete services encompassing the "what" and the "how" of the products.

The investments made in the last 24 years have brought us at the top as one of the leading companies for your sourcing requirements. We strive to provide quality products that are in compliance with FDA regulations, meets USP and are manufactured under GMP and ISO standards. This approach ensures quality products you can count on with a cost competitive advantage.

We specialize in sourcing difficult-to-find materials for our customers quickly and efficiently. Our approach is to be your most reliable and resourceful partner. We pride ourselves on being proactive resourcing specialists. Due to our relationship with producers and the local knowledge, we can negotiate and get you competitive pricing which you would certainly not get if you were to touch base directly.

For decades, we have sourced raw materials from suppliers in India & China and marketed them to manufacturers/traders serving key industrial and consumer marketplaces. These relationships are based on a long-standing expertise, exceptional follow-thru and the fastest turnaround times in the business.

Our mission remains to contribute to the commercial success of both our manufacturing partners and our global customers.

Our approach:

  • Strategic Sourcing relationships which secure the vital link.

  • In-depth Market Intelligence, providing our customers with a competitive advantage.

  • Core values driven by a desire to achieve excellence and operate with the highest standards of integrity.

  • Continuous improvement and development through our commitment to ensure quality products and services that meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customer.

  • Removing the risks and uncertainties of sourcing from the developing world; and by maintaining a consistent supply of quality assured products delivered on flexible and competitive terms.